Transports performed by G.I.T. are divided mainly into three main categories

Full transports , or with a single sender who fills the entire vehicle with his cargo. Groupage transports, or with multiple senders who load small quantities of goods to be sent to different receivers. The peculiarity of this kind of transport consists in grouping small batches of goods in order to achieve a full load. This leads to a double benefit both for individual customers, who will not have to bear the entire cost of a full load but only of the goods they ship, and for the company itself since the fixed costs of the individual transport will weigh on the entire load and not on a partial load.Transports with ventilation system/Transit Point: delivery is made to the final customer with transit from platform in temperature function, destination, day of delivery and or other obligatory nature requested by the customer.

Gruppo Ibleo Trasporti srl makes use als oof the collaboration of logistics platforms located all over the country to allow the transport of goods with a "stylerelay" that allows you to make deliveries in a timely manner meeting the needs of customers and while respecting always more restrictive rules of cds.

It is specialized in the transport of fresh and/or frozen food (vegetables, meat, fish, ice creams, confectionery, ice etc.), nursery products (seedlings), fruit and vegetables (seasonable fruit and vegetables), greenhouse products (vegetables, flowers), pharmaceuticals.



Or with a single sender who fills the entire vehicle with his cargo: a personalized service.


Transport by combiningsmall batchesofgoodsreachesa full load, double benefit, for customersandfor the company.


It allows you to make deliveriesina timely mannerthroughlogistics platformslocated all over thenational territory.




GruppoIbleoTrasporti S.R.L. in addition to its own fleet, makes use of a large group of collaborators, selected with care according to criteria of high-quality service. They are considered a source of competitive advantage for Gruppo Ibleo Trasporti SRL, a source of synergy for the company and a key strength in order to satisfy every customer's logistics need. Thanks to these collaborations, we are present all over the national territory and in most EU countries such as FRANCE, NETHERLANDS, UNITED KINGDOM, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND, AUSTRIA, SPAIN and MALTA, having also great interest in developing the markets of Eastern Europe and North Africa.