Gruppo Ibleo Trasporti. We are winning in motion and stationary


Gruppo Ibleo Trasporti SRL is a young transport company founded in 2011 born from the passion and 30-year experience of its leaders in the field of national and international temperature-controlled transports. It is based on the strength of a family-run business.

Located at the centre of the Mediterranean basin, it takes advantage of the strategic location to manage at best the transport service from and to Sicily and all southern Italy. In this way, this marginal areabecomes the company's strength point with competitive advantages.

Thanks to an extensive network of collaborations with other carriers and platforms located in various parts of Italy, Gruppo Ibleo Trasporti srl manages to be present throughout the country and Europe.
Thanks to a fleet of vehicles at a controlled temperature G.I.T. makes the transport of fresh and frozen food, fruit and vegetables, nursery products and more generally of all the goods which need to be transported at a constant temperature. It is primarily intended for large-scale retail trade. Thanks to smaller vehicles, it can offer also an important widespread distribution service. All vehicles are provided with a ventilation system that allows simultaneously deliver goods of different nature and that require different temperature settings.

G.I.T., as well as being a leader in the transport sector,owns a warehouse consisting of four cold rooms settable up to -20°C, which are equipped with compactable shelving, three anterooms with positive temperature and eight exhaust flaps. Thanks to its warehouse, GIT is now a benchmark for leading companies, in large part related to the vast vegetable market of Vittoria (RG), who market their products with companies serving the GRD of France, Spain and England. Inside the store also hosts the storage and handling of products, distribution and supply of raw materials needed for production of finished products for various sectors, be it fresh, frozen, dried or industrial.


  • 1.PUNCTUALITY during the collection and the delivery of goods through the collaboration of logistics platform located all over the national territory.
  • 2.FLEXIBILITY to meet the various needs of the customer we can be present throughout the national territory and the most countries of the European Union.
  • 3.QUALIFIED STAFF a large group of collaborators, selected with the most care according to the criteria of quality of service.
  • 4.HYGIENE CHECKS Gruppo Ibleo Trasporti adopts the H.A.C.C.P. control system(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control) in order to avoid any risk of biological, chemical, and physical goods transported.




The experience gained over the years has allowed us to enter the field of national and international logistic, garnering today, a fleet of well over 20 owned vehicles, about 20 companies affiliated to the logistics network and a staff of experienced drivers coordinated by a manager with decades of experience. G.I.T. has therefore decided to bring its organization and activities to standard IFS Logistics, sure that this represents a competitive advantage and to the constant attention paid to industry norms.


The objectives to be achieved are:

  • Transparency and compatibility throughout the supply chain
  • Reduction of cost and time for the supplier
  • Attention focused on customer needs and food security even a perspective of FOOD DEFENCE

Given the specific market needs and requirements dictated by mandatory regulations, G.I.T. consolidates and develops its business with a continuous improvement of the business system through a policy that has as its main goal the customer satisfaction and synergy of all responsible functions of the company.