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GRUPPO IBLEO TRASPORTI has achieved the EC code with the number ITA385P for its storage.

The Official EU designation, grants to the food industries, is an health license. It allows the free movement of foods of animal origin, as: meet, meet ­based products and preparation, fish­products, milk, honey, eggs between EU countries. The Official EU designation is assigned to the production factories, processing industries, marketing and storage of food that have animal origin…
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since the early months of 2014 thanks to the wealth of experience acquired over the years, and because of the professionalism that has always distinguished us today we are able to offer services of road transport "core" with particular attention to compliance with road safety, labor and environment. We tried to maintain a vehicle fleet…
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IFS Certificate

On 18 November 2014 takes place the last review by the DNV-GL that renews the IFS Logistic Certificate at Gruppo Ibleo Trasporti srl, crediting the company complies with the requirements for logistics services, road transport and distribution of products perishable food: chilled and frozen. Gruppo Ibleo Trasporti srl consolidates and develops its business with a…
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